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Novel prep day 1

So I'm doing this thing where I do exercises for 30 days Day 1 is a conversation with a main character about their earliest memories.

Ana (name could change)

"So, Ana," I started. "Just to get down do it, what is your earliest memory?"
Ana stared at me, "Why are you asking this?"
"Curiosity?" I said. "I have been thinking about it and have been asking some people, what is yours?"
"You're asking," Ana smiled, "What is yours?"
I sighed. "Okay, I remember my grandmother, my dad's mother. She died before I turned 5." I shrugged. "I remember almost like a snapshot seeing her in the hospital. They let us up to see her even though we were small children because she was dying."
Ana nodded.
"Then I remember her funeral, more clearly. I remember when everyone got in a line to go past the casket. There was a kneeling bench there. A couple of my dad's brother's families are catholic so I guess they need one or something. But I saw them kneel and pray and when it was my turn, I kneeled on the bench before my grandmother's casket and prayed. I was taught that praying was talking to God. I knew my grandmother had died so I prayed that God tell my grandmother that I love her."
Ana smiled, "That is cute."
I shrug, "Well it is true." I took a sip of my drink. We were sitting in a coffee shop. I had a frappachino. I'm not much on coffee but the strawberry creme drinks are awesome. "Your turn."
Ana smiled. "Well my third birthday. My mom was baking a cake and she had left the kitchen to do laundry and I wanted to see my cake."
"This does not sound good."
"She had put it on the cupboard. Fresh out of the oven and I got a chair and I pushed it over to the counter. I reached out and touched the cake pan right out of the oven."
I shook my head, "Ouch," I said.
"That isn't it," Ana smiled. "I burnt my hand but the shock of the burn made me jump and I fell off the chair as well and cut open my head." She chuckled a bit at the memory. "I needed three stitches."
"I think that a lot of the memories I asked others for and such all have some extreme pain or emotion."
"What is this about emotion?" Adrian asked. He pulled up a chair. He sat down with a steaming cup of coffee. It was very light, Adrian liked it filled with cream.
Nico quietly sat down opposite of Adrian as well.
"We were talking about first memories. What is yours?"
Adrian shook his head, "You do not want to know."
I smiled, "I asked, I want to know."
"Nico?" He sighed. "Well mine was just waking up one time when I was five or so and no one was around. The house was silent. I got out of bed and wandered around and didn't find anyone. I sat down and started to cry in the middle of the living room and my Mother walked in."
Adrian frowned, "Mine is of my birth parents. My dad slapped around my mother then when I cried he slapped me too."
"You are adopted?" Ana asked.
Adrian nodded, "My parents were not stable and were eventually convicted of drug abuse. I was taken into foster care and adopted."
I nodded, "That would be scary. Thank you for telling me."
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(no subject)

so i had a pretty good idea for kinda a future world.. just a gadget in it really, but..

ok its this keyboard, basically its in a bracelet you wear all the time. when you raise your hands a certain way it appears below your fingers. It also interfaces with the console thats in front of you. And all the tech in this world would use it. So lets say you couldn't find the shoe department in the department store or something. you'd go up to the store console and pull up your keyboard and type that you were looking for shoes and the map would tell you where to go!

people could customize it so it could appear in different colors and such
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Just a notice

If you are wandering in here and wanting to read more of the story tagged 2008 NaNoWriMo, click Join. I'm locking everything but going to post it here as I go. It is locked because of copy right law. I have no idea if I will want to publish this one day, who knows, but I do not need to lose first publishing rights!!

Not that my story is stupendous but if you are interested, JOIN!
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Nanowrimo day 1 and i'm off!!

Chapter the First

The End.

Sahale City was quiet. A few building sparkling in the night as their night time lights shone through the window. From the top of a particularly tall building the shout “Cal Gone!” comes from a man in blue and green tights.
“Take me away!” comes the answering cry. The speaker is wearing mostly pink and the design of the fabric looks similar to bubbles.
“What did you say?” The hero in blue said.
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Character ideas!

I've had a few ideas this afternoon at work and I wanted to write them down before I left work. I almost wish I had my ipod mic cause I'm going to drive and I'm not going to have anything to write with while driving. It will be difficult to hold them all in my head....

Anyway I was thinking about Angel's family and all. I was thinking if she had no siblings and didn't know who her real parents were. She has perfectly normal parents and perhaps her real parents are villains and she was taken from them by child protection because they believed it to be a bad environment in which to rear a child. Not something I'll probably address, (True parentage) in this story but if she leans that way I better have it ready just in case.
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Meijina, the Nice Evil Accepted's Bio from Silklantern

Meijina’s soft-shoes barely made a whisper on the worn stone halls of the White Tower. She walked down the familiar halls toward her room in the Novice quarters. Meijina held a couple books in her arms that she had borrowed from the library. Passing by a mirror, she noted that her white Novice dress was still impeccably clean and her pale blonde hair was in near perfect order. Brushing a pale lock from her light blue eyes, she blinked at her reflection. There! Meijina had finally gotten used to seeing herself in white. White was too pure. Nothing was that innocent. Nevertheless, Meijina didn’t mind so much wearing white. It magnified her angelic appearance and made others trust her much easier. It made her appear innocent.

Four and a half years Meijina had walked these halls. In four and a half years, she had become more at home in these halls than any place she had ever been. Well, maybe not her father’s home. Her father had been a good man and loved her very much. The memory of her father always made her smile.

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(no subject)

Still a bit foggy she opened her eyes. Brightness assaulted her vision. She quickly squeezed her eyes closed to block out the light. She tried frantically to remember where she was and how she got there. Her mind searched back and she remembered a dark night. Bright lights and a horrible crashing sound.

"Oh yeah the accident," she tried to whisper. Her voice sounded strange in her throat. Daring to look again she opened her eyes. She appeared to be in a hospital. There were machines all around her head. She recognised most of them. She had visited others in hospitals and recognised heart monitors and IV regulators and the such.

"She's awake!" a shout sounded from near her feet. She attempted to sit up. Her body seemed a bit unresponsive she was able to prop her self up somewhat.

She went to swing her legs over the edge and her legs refused to respond. She sat bolt upright and felt her legs. "What's wrong?" she mumbled.

"Miss Johnson?" someone addressed her. She nodded in reply. "Please relax. You will be fine."

"What is wrong with my legs?" she said.

"You are paralyzed from the waste down."

"What!?" she stared. She stubbornly tried to move her legs again. "They are just lethargic. I must have been asleep or something for a long time and they got atrophied or something."

"While that is possible, I assure you we have x-rays that show the perminent damage to your spinal cord. There is no doubt that you are paralyzed."

Her mother walked in with her father on this statement. "Honey, there is something that may be done that you'll be able to walk again."

The doctor's face got a bit dark. "Yes there may be. Our hospital is contracted to give this information to anyone who are impared by certain things including paralysis. However I am not sure if it is the wisest. And I do not feel confident to present it to you."

"Will we now be able to meet this specialist then?"

"Yes," replied the doctor. "As an adult we can only present it to the person themselves if they are capeable of stablizing and becoming conscious."
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(no subject)

Treesha and Trellen were born at the same time (Twins?) the signs of thier birth signify that one of them is the chosen. They were born at the convergance of the eight elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Light and Dark. On their first cry, the god of the heavens feared them, as the chosen of the elements was born and would rise to kill the god of the heavens. God of the heavens rains the stars upon the earth in rage.

everyone thinks Trellen was the chosen. Hes a boy and trains him approprtately. Treesha was shunted off to the side and raised to become a good farmwife. Treesha figures out that the prophecies dont mention any certain sex but no one believes her and she feels jealous and powerless.

well the day of the journey arrives and Trellen is found dead. So after deliberation they push Treesha out and tells her to do the journey. With little money and no training, Treesha heads to the next town and hires Ren who says he can defend her, but cant do half the stuff he says he can. they get set upon by brigands and end up in their clutches... and other things

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