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Still a bit foggy she opened her eyes. Brightness assaulted her vision. She quickly squeezed her eyes closed to block out the light. She tried frantically to remember where she was and how she got there. Her mind searched back and she remembered a dark night. Bright lights and a horrible crashing sound.

"Oh yeah the accident," she tried to whisper. Her voice sounded strange in her throat. Daring to look again she opened her eyes. She appeared to be in a hospital. There were machines all around her head. She recognised most of them. She had visited others in hospitals and recognised heart monitors and IV regulators and the such.

"She's awake!" a shout sounded from near her feet. She attempted to sit up. Her body seemed a bit unresponsive she was able to prop her self up somewhat.

She went to swing her legs over the edge and her legs refused to respond. She sat bolt upright and felt her legs. "What's wrong?" she mumbled.

"Miss Johnson?" someone addressed her. She nodded in reply. "Please relax. You will be fine."

"What is wrong with my legs?" she said.

"You are paralyzed from the waste down."

"What!?" she stared. She stubbornly tried to move her legs again. "They are just lethargic. I must have been asleep or something for a long time and they got atrophied or something."

"While that is possible, I assure you we have x-rays that show the perminent damage to your spinal cord. There is no doubt that you are paralyzed."

Her mother walked in with her father on this statement. "Honey, there is something that may be done that you'll be able to walk again."

The doctor's face got a bit dark. "Yes there may be. Our hospital is contracted to give this information to anyone who are impared by certain things including paralysis. However I am not sure if it is the wisest. And I do not feel confident to present it to you."

"Will we now be able to meet this specialist then?"

"Yes," replied the doctor. "As an adult we can only present it to the person themselves if they are capeable of stablizing and becoming conscious."

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