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2008 NaNoWriMo! Ideas! Spoilers? Fun!

NaNoWriMo is less than a month away and I thought I'd hash out the idea I have for it. If you look at my NaNoWriMo profile you'll see my blurb about the story under the 'Novel Info' tab...

The story is basically about Angel, she has all her life wanted to be a superhero. She had been rather happy when she tested positive for having super powers but even as an adult now they still haven't manifested, or not to her knowledge.

Angel was born with a very unusual birth mark, wings. A very large intricate design that is definately wings is on her back. Many people take it as a tattoo, which has frustrated her to no end. This mark is actually a symbol of her powers. She can control the weather, at the beginning of the story its just her emotions that do it. When she's bummed it rains. When she's happy the sun breaks through the clouds.

She gets fired from her first sidekick gig. She tries to be creative and the hero she was 'kicking for gets insulted and fires her. In order to become the hero she's always wanted to be, she has to sidekick for a hero for a preset amount of time after her training. The training and testing is like a trade school. You can attend after you finish high school and its night classes and such. If you fail your super powers test you can take the classes in gadget heroism. The school and the organization that governs it doesn't look at intentions. Villians and heroes both graduate from the school.

After she gets fired she checks the hero want ads for another sidekick gig. After a few unsuccessful interviews, she feels defeated. Her friends in a desire to try to perk her up take her to a bar. She meets someone at the bar, a man. This is Adam. Adam is very nice to her. She makes friends immediately. The next day at the laundromat, she has problems with a washing machine working and Adam comes over and fixes it for her. After asking him what happened he said he just has an affinity with machines. She guesses he has a power and they go out for coffee.

Over coffee she tells Adam about her difficulties with her powers and keeping a sidekick gig. She has an idea she could 'kick for Adam and after a bit of discussion (or something) he agrees. Adam also offers to try to help with her powers.

Angel starts her 'kickin work with Adam. After a few tasks her freinds get suspicious. Some of the things seem... shady. They think he's a villian and Angel is sure he isn't. Secretly she is falling for Adam. He helps her find her powers and she uses it to help him. Finally she does something in public and is denounced as a villain. Her freinds are shocked at her and go all 'I told you so.'

Of course she can't avoid her friends because she works with them and they don't avoid her, same reason, but the relationship probably will become a bit tense and alienated.

At some point, Adam dies, probably... and Angel, who was definately in love with him by then gets really angry and goes really villainous. She kicks some 'heroes' buttz.

or something like that.. the closer to the end the less I am sure what is going to happen
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