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Nanowrimo day 1 and i'm off!!

Chapter the First

The End.

Sahale City was quiet. A few building sparkling in the night as their night time lights shone through the window. From the top of a particularly tall building the shout “Cal Gone!” comes from a man in blue and green tights.
“Take me away!” comes the answering cry. The speaker is wearing mostly pink and the design of the fabric looks similar to bubbles.
“What did you say?” The hero in blue said.
“Take me away. It seemed appropriate,” the pink clad girl replied.
“Bubbles!” she corrected.
“Bubbles?” He asks incredulously.
“Yeah! What villain would want to admit to being defeated by ‘Bubbles'” She smiled.
“I thought your name was Angel.”
“Cal, my real name is Angel, Bubbles is my hero name.”
Cal sighed and looked up at the moon, which was full and bright. “You are making fun of me?”
“What? Not at all! What would make you think that?”
Cal breathes a frustrated sound, “Bubbles,” he started with clenched teeth, “What is my hero name?”
“Cal Gone?”
“And you insist on being ‘Bubbles’ and using a battle cry ‘Take me away!’ is not making fun of me?”
“It seemed appropriate.” Angel blinked confused.
Cal shook his head. “If you are not going to take being a superhero seriously I do not see the point in having you side kick for me.”
Angel gaped. “What do you mean take it seriously, Of course I take it seriously. This is my dream.”
Cal shook his head. “Obviously you are just making fun. I do not see how your continued actions with me can possibly be beneficial.”
Angel blinked and looked around as if the words to convince Cal were written on the sky scrapers around her. “But I thought this was good.”
Cal shook his head, “Angel.”
“Bubbles…” she corrected half heartedly.
“Angel,” Cal insisted. “I am sorry but this is not going to work out. You are fired.”
Angel stared at Cal with disbelief. Tears welled in her eyes. She turned and walked away. Not sure what to say or feel.”
As she walked away a drop of rain struck her cheek. “Great,” she said. “It is raining too.”

Angel did not feel like working. She had her red hair tied back into a pony tail. Her eyes stared at the computer screen unseeing. A blonde woman leaned over the cubicle wall. Her hair styled beautifully in curls and waves accentuating her pale face. She had one blue eye and one brown eye. “How could you get fired after one day?”
Angel looked up at her, “Star, it was not even a full day. He got all offended.”
“What did you do that offended him?” Star asked.
Angel shrugged. She was not sure how to put it. Would Star take his side? She was a hero as well. “Well I decided I had to choose a hero name.”
“Oh you finally chose one? Anything we had talked about before?”
“No,” Angel replied. “Something that came to me in a flash of brilliance.”
“Bubbles!” Angel grinned despite her despair. “What villain would want to admit to being beaten by Bubbles?”
Star raised an eyebrow. “It does not really sound superhero-ish.”
Angel grinned, “But it is original!”
Star shook her head. “You were working with Cal Gone, right?”
Angel nodded.
Star shut her eyes for a second and breathed deeply. “Angel, I can see where the problem he had lies. You know Calgon is a bubble bath brand?”
Angel nodded slowly.
“You do not see the correlation?”
Angel chewed her lip absently. “He thought I was making his name like a brand of bubble bath? That is dumb.”
Star pulled up a chair into Angel’s cubicle. “You know it seems silly to you but you know it does make sense to me. Not that you intended it, but that he could see it as making fun of him.”
Angel put her head down on her desk. “I did not intend to insult him.” Her voice came out muffled. She turned her face toward Star. “What can I do now?”
“You will have to look for a new job side kicking.”
Angel’s head returned to the desk. She pounded it a few times on the surface of the desk.
“Do not worry about it too much, Angel. You can do it.”
“I get fired before even fighting crime on my placement SUPER gave me upon graduating from UPC.”
“Just because you got fired from what Society for Uncanny Persons Education and Regulation gave you does not mean you can not find another placement.”
Star smiled. “You are fully trained. You are a graduate. Cal and you were just not a good match. You need to find a better match.”
Angel sighed, “But how?”
“Well there is the classifieds.”
“Classified? I do not even know how to interview for a super hero side kick job.” Angel stared at her computer screen without seeing anything. “Do I write a resume? What do I put on it? Where do I even start?”
Just as she said this their boss wandered over. “How goes things?”
“Oh, hey Steve.” Star started. “Angel is just a bit depressed.”
“Boyfriend break up with you?” he guessed.
Angel shook her head, “No just a rough night.” She smiled up at Steve, “I will be fine. What is up?”
“Just wanted a report on what you think we can get closed this month end.”
Star spoke up, “We will all get together and come up with a list for you, Steve.”
Steve nodded, “Get Tashia in on it too, I need a realistic number”
Star nodded, ”Roger.” She replied simply.
Steve turned and left.
“So we need to work on this report.” Angel started.
Star smiled, “After work lets head to a coffee shop and we will talk about what to do about your lack of side kick position.”
Angel grinned wickedly, “You know that could be taken oh so wrong.”
Star gave her a withering glance. Angel beamed back at her.
Tashia wandered over, “You hear about the report thing?”
“Yeah,” Angel replied.
“You down, Angel?”
“Yeah, a bit.” She smiled weakly.
“What happened?”
“Well, you know I was supposed to kick last night?”
“Side kick? Yeah.” Tashia nodded.
“Well I did not get too far. I am no longer anyone’s side kick.”
Tashia gaped, “You are kidding!” she exclaimed. “So what now?”
Star shrugged, “We have to find a new side kick position for her.”
“Where do you start?”
“The classifieds.”
Tashia glanced at Angel quickly then looked back at Star. “The classifieds? I do not think I have ever seen an advertisement for sidekick.”
Star grinned. “You have to know what to look for. It is not going to be out there for everyone to see.”
Angel frowned, “I do not think I have ever seen them.”
Star shrugged, ”Grab a paper after work and we will meet up at Red Moon Coffee and I will show you.” Star looked off in a direction. “Oh Steve is lurking,” she added in a hushed voice. “Let us get working on the report. We will talk about this after work.”
Angel turned to her computer and the other two walked away. Things would get settled eventually, but until then work still needed to get done.

After work, Angel walked by a news stand on the way to the subway. Red Moon was closer to her apartment than work. The papers were picked over but Angel did find a copy of today’s paper and tucked it under her arm and headed into the subway station. A guy played the guitar. He was not too bad. She tossed him a coin. Reaching the gates she pulled out her pass and waved it over the gate. The gate opened and she passed through. She headed to the platform. She reached the platform as a train left.
Angel pocketed her pass and pulled out the newspaper. She flipped through until she found the classified section. She browsed the sections. She did not find anything that seemed appropriate.
The train arrived and she sighed and refolded the paper and boarded the train. On the train she got a seat and leaned back putting her head against the window and closed her eyes. She was not tired or anything. She just wanted to relax. She listened to the stations as the announcement announced each one. She knew she was looking for the longest one.
Finally, “Next station: Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. All passengers expecting to disembark on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard please be prepared. Be careful not to forget any personal items on the train.”
Angel opened her eyes. She wandered to the door. Someone bumped into her on her way to the door. Her eyes darted to him her purse was tugged from her shoulder. She snatched it and grabbed his shoulder in another quick movement. “You should find a job. Stealing is not a good pass time.”
Angel sighed as she walked off the train. All of her training to catch criminals was going to waste. She had the reactions and all. She slowed her breathing. The purse snatching made her a bit angry. She stalked out of the station only to find it pouring. Lightening stroked across the sky. The weatherman had said it would be clear all day. She thought they were supposed to be more accurate than this.
Instinctively Angel turned toward her home but then remembered she was supposed to meet up at Red Moon and turned around and headed to the small coffee shop. Her hair was getting soaked but she had little choice. She agreed to the meeting. And she did need it. She just wished she had convinced them to come to her apartment.
Red Moon was not far from the station. She looked down the street and saw the sign. A large red circle decorated the sign. She pushed open the door. A bell tinkled slightly as she entered and looked around. She saw her friends at a table and sat down.
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