September 10th, 2006

  • jinie

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Treesha and Trellen were born at the same time (Twins?) the signs of thier birth signify that one of them is the chosen. They were born at the convergance of the eight elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Light and Dark. On their first cry, the god of the heavens feared them, as the chosen of the elements was born and would rise to kill the god of the heavens. God of the heavens rains the stars upon the earth in rage.

everyone thinks Trellen was the chosen. Hes a boy and trains him approprtately. Treesha was shunted off to the side and raised to become a good farmwife. Treesha figures out that the prophecies dont mention any certain sex but no one believes her and she feels jealous and powerless.

well the day of the journey arrives and Trellen is found dead. So after deliberation they push Treesha out and tells her to do the journey. With little money and no training, Treesha heads to the next town and hires Ren who says he can defend her, but cant do half the stuff he says he can. they get set upon by brigands and end up in their clutches... and other things

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