August 16th, 2007

  • jinie

Meijina, the Nice Evil Accepted's Bio from Silklantern

Meijina’s soft-shoes barely made a whisper on the worn stone halls of the White Tower. She walked down the familiar halls toward her room in the Novice quarters. Meijina held a couple books in her arms that she had borrowed from the library. Passing by a mirror, she noted that her white Novice dress was still impeccably clean and her pale blonde hair was in near perfect order. Brushing a pale lock from her light blue eyes, she blinked at her reflection. There! Meijina had finally gotten used to seeing herself in white. White was too pure. Nothing was that innocent. Nevertheless, Meijina didn’t mind so much wearing white. It magnified her angelic appearance and made others trust her much easier. It made her appear innocent.

Four and a half years Meijina had walked these halls. In four and a half years, she had become more at home in these halls than any place she had ever been. Well, maybe not her father’s home. Her father had been a good man and loved her very much. The memory of her father always made her smile.

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