Jinie (jinie) wrote in tsubasajupiter,

Characters Characters...

Been thinkin about characters.. gonna really try to just wing it as i go along.. but i've come up with some..

Angel (of course) she's the MC anyway..

2 or 3 nurses... like the mean nurse, the uber nice nurse that gives ya extra stuff(maybe male :D), and um.. the working hard nurse...

oh oh a candy striper that brings her dinner!! i know about that cuz i did that!!

a nice old doctor.. kinda like my parents doc.. cause he's nice..

(This is mostly cause the beginning takes place in a hospital...)

need a detective cuz she's wondering who the hell she is.. Maybe he's disorganized.

She'll prolly have a set of dental x-rays cause they are trying to determine her identity. She'll have a great fear of dentists that she doesn't understand.. might make some interesting things happening..

any comments?? :P
Tags: angel 70, story ideas
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