Jinie (jinie) wrote in tsubasajupiter,

sleeping beauty idea.. for future reference

The basic idea is that Sleeping Beauty is real. Its been well over 1000 years and there is a kingdom that is completely overlooked. The entire area is surrounded by thorns. And no one can get there unless they are or with the person who can wake sleeping beauty.

A group of three.. i'm thinking a brother sister and a male freind of them both.. maybe boy/girl twins :D... They go on a hiking trip in europe's mountains and come across this kingdom. They wake SB and they get entranced in the whole magical kingdom thingy....

Both the boys kiss sleeping beauty and nuffin happens.. they force the girl to.. and poof.. I'm thinking SB don't know how she woke up and don't know the nature of the curse thingy for a bit. Just knows she wakes up wif a girl standing over her and a couple a boys behind the girl..

Naturally theres all sorts of personal problems with the whole thing.. mostly cause princess needs to produce an heir.. but wants love.. etc the fairy tale stuff.. and internal struggle of people from a midevil time grasping something like this...
Tags: story ideas
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