Jinie (jinie) wrote in tsubasajupiter,

OMG this is better than when i started writing it....

Everyday normal girl on human inhabited planet X(need a name) gets fired from her job because of a strange test. The planet recently began a war with (alien race G) All members of this race can't see a certain color of blue(for example) its not that its invisible but it is indistiguishable from other colors (or invisble.. kinda like ultra violet or infrared)... or maybe they see ultraviolet...

She's never seen this as abnormal and figured everyone saw it. But after she loses her job and is accused of being another alien race she asks her parents about her history. She finds out her parents adopted her and had no idea of her origin.

her search for who she is sends her into a mysterious area where she meets a hotshot space pilot/bounty hunter type(han solo??). He agrees to take her to the alien planet so she can continue her investigation..

After pretending to hate each other so furiously, they fall madly in love. When the worst happens..

She finds out she's the bastard child of the heirs to the two worlds waring. In the interests of peace, she must marry (someone) or sacrifice her life thus losing her new found lover.

mixed into all this she finds that the semi-latent magic ablities of both worlds are potential inside of her.. can she save the warring universe and make the world a happy place again???

or some such...
Tags: story ideas

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