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OMG this is better than when i started writing it....

Everyday normal girl on human inhabited planet X(need a name) gets fired from her job because of a strange test. The planet recently began a war with (alien race G) All members of this race can't see a certain color of blue(for example) its not that its invisible but it is indistiguishable from other colors (or invisble.. kinda like ultra violet or infrared)... or maybe they see ultraviolet...

She's never seen this as abnormal and figured everyone saw it. But after she loses her job and is accused of being another alien race she asks her parents about her history. She finds out her parents adopted her and had no idea of her origin.

her search for who she is sends her into a mysterious area where she meets a hotshot space pilot/bounty hunter type(han solo??). He agrees to take her to the alien planet so she can continue her investigation..

After pretending to hate each other so furiously, they fall madly in love. When the worst happens..

She finds out she's the bastard child of the heirs to the two worlds waring. In the interests of peace, she must marry (someone) or sacrifice her life thus losing her new found lover.

mixed into all this she finds that the semi-latent magic ablities of both worlds are potential inside of her.. can she save the warring universe and make the world a happy place again???

or some such...
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Story idea... still very incomplete...

basically the story would start when MC(F for me as all my MC are female) looked at say a standing stone or some other perhaps place of power at dusk on the first day of spring and happened to see groups of faerie folk celebrating the coming of spring. This event changes her world..

thoughts as i type this..

lots of people look at 'monuments of power' at dusk on any day.. why this person... perhaps she was also on the brink of coming into magical power

i think she becomes.. bound.. to the faeries in a twisted sort of way....

this idea still needs work but.. :)
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sleeping beauty idea.. for future reference

The basic idea is that Sleeping Beauty is real. Its been well over 1000 years and there is a kingdom that is completely overlooked. The entire area is surrounded by thorns. And no one can get there unless they are or with the person who can wake sleeping beauty.

A group of three.. i'm thinking a brother sister and a male freind of them both.. maybe boy/girl twins :D... They go on a hiking trip in europe's mountains and come across this kingdom. They wake SB and they get entranced in the whole magical kingdom thingy....

Both the boys kiss sleeping beauty and nuffin happens.. they force the girl to.. and poof.. I'm thinking SB don't know how she woke up and don't know the nature of the curse thingy for a bit. Just knows she wakes up wif a girl standing over her and a couple a boys behind the girl..

Naturally theres all sorts of personal problems with the whole thing.. mostly cause princess needs to produce an heir.. but wants love.. etc the fairy tale stuff.. and internal struggle of people from a midevil time grasping something like this...
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Characters Characters...

Been thinkin about characters.. gonna really try to just wing it as i go along.. but i've come up with some..

Angel (of course) she's the MC anyway..

2 or 3 nurses... like the mean nurse, the uber nice nurse that gives ya extra stuff(maybe male :D), and um.. the working hard nurse...

oh oh a candy striper that brings her dinner!! i know about that cuz i did that!!

a nice old doctor.. kinda like my parents doc.. cause he's nice..

(This is mostly cause the beginning takes place in a hospital...)

need a detective cuz she's wondering who the hell she is.. Maybe he's disorganized.

She'll prolly have a set of dental x-rays cause they are trying to determine her identity. She'll have a great fear of dentists that she doesn't understand.. might make some interesting things happening..

any comments?? :P
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Angel Seventy

This is actually an idea I had a while back. Thought I'd give it another run. (didn't do much with it before)

Its about a girl who seems to wake with amnesia. She is wearing a shirt that says "Angel 70." Along with the strange tattoo marks on her back the hospital staff coins their jane doe 'Angel Seventy.' When she is finally released she uses that as her name. She needs to get a job and a life but is plagued by the mystery of her past...

and why does it seem like someone is stalking her??